FAU students in Karao

From August 16 to September 7, a team of enthusiastic theologians worked in Karao and the surrounding villages. Students from Friedensau Adventist University in Germany and the Polish Senior College of Theology and Humanities in Poland have been diligently preparing for this trip since the beginning of the year. 

They have studied the life and history of the Maasai and tried to understand the local culture. This was important so as to enable them to assimilate quickly in a very short period of time and to establish contact with the local people.

The young people were very enthusiastic about learning the Masai greetings and visiting the bomas. Some of them presented Bible stories in various creative ways at the primary school in Karoo, while others gave health and Bible education lectures to adults and children alike. In some places 50-60 people gathered for these sessions each day. 

The family visits revealed that in many places there is a lack of food.   People often wake up hungry and go to bed hungry, and many are sick and hopeless.

Prayers for the sick, personal contacts, compassion and the gift of corn flour have strengthened the ties between European theologians and the Maasai. Both sides were grateful: one to give, the other to receive.

The drought, the dust and the windy, chilly evenings did not spare European throats. Many temporarily lost their voices and coughs accompanied them back home.

However, the shared experiences with the Maasai made up for the difficulties and many of them have already indicated that they would like to return next year, to meet, to be together, and to help wherever possible.

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