Become a Volunteer

There is also the opportunity for you to come to the Maasai villages and help in person. We are particularly looking for volunteers with the expertise and experience in any of these following fields:

  • Teaching primary and secondary school subjects and skill development activities in English
  • Teaching the English language
  • Working in construction as a mason, carpenter, electrician, painter, plumber or worker in other fields of construction
  • Qualified architect who would design, initiate, lead and inspect a project
  • IT technician

Education Coordinator

Learning is always a chance. A chance for a better life, rethinking past habits. A chance for personal development, for putting our talent. A chance to make our dreams come true. We at the Supai Foundation want learning in Tanzania to be an opportunity for all children, not just a privilege for a few. We are now looking for you on this mission if you can offer some of your time to do the following tasks:
- Coordinate the education of Maasai schools
- Management of in-service teacher training
- Curriculum control, quality assurance
Be part of making learning a chance to change the world of Masai children!