Searching for water

05-09-2021 Karao. The beginning of September 2021 marked the start of our water well drilling operations. In the Masai Mara (desert) every drop of water is treasured. While it is easy for us to open the tap and drink, bathe, cook, wash our car, or water our flowers whenever we want, it is only a dream for the Masai. Although water pipes are built by the government, people usually have to walk for 4-6 kilometres to reach these places only to fill one vessel with water and carry it home on their head or by rolling it in the dust.

The school does not have running water yet; thus, a well offering unlimited access to water would make a big difference for the 170 students and their teachers. Young and old filled with excitement and hope, praying for the success of the operation gathered around the drilling machine that many would consider obsolete. When the volunteering team first set sight at the machine, they had doubts about its performance. Unfortunately, their worries soon turned into reality as the drill broke shortly after starting the work. The project was put to a halt for two days as the team had to wait for the new drill. It could drill down to 150 metres deep; however, it was not enough to find water. Thus, there is no permanent solution for the water in Karao yet. We purchased water tanks and regularly fill them with water. However, this is a costly and time-consuming process that does not provide a reassuring solution. If you can offer any support to ensure reliable access to water in Karao, do not hesitate to contact us.

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