When we look at our team hard at work, they give off the impression of a cooperative union. Working for a shared goal, gleaming with cheer and optimism. Every individual has their personal responsibilities, but we all share the weight of planning each step. Each one of us has had a determinative experience, adventure or peril which has driven us to go to Africa. Some team members have found their ways there through missions, connections through friends, childhood dreams, heard statements or maybe even through tourism, to the Massai people. Doctor, nurse, journalist, university student and teacher, pastor, mason, manager and so we can keep listing the possible committed schemes.


Dr. László Szabó

General coordination

Dr. Stephan Rudolph

Medical coordnination

Róbert Bicskei

Financial management

Csaba Simon

HR management

Szilvia Szabó

Marketing & PR

Wilbard Sambeke

Local pastor, coordinator

Timea Matlák

Schools - food coordinator

Zsolt Járai

Administration, NINOX developer

Israel Yohana

Local coordinator

Shemu Sambake


Benjamin Malejko