There is something special about every place we start a project. This is also very true for Kitumbene. If you leave the main road coming from Longido, turning west onto a wild road, you will find yourself on the way there. Along the track, you will see wild animals trekking through the dust and the further you proceed, the hotter it will get, as if you were approaching an oven. What you might not have noticed at this point, you are tracing the steps of David Livingstone, the best renowned missionary in Africa of the 19th century. Back then, he took the same way from Lake Natron to Serengeti National park.

Upon arrival in Kitumbene, you could take a break but beware it is very hot here. There hardly is any green, any water, any life. Sometimes is does not rain for two entire years. 
If you ask the inhabitants of this area, if they did not want to go and choose a prettier, and life friendlier place to live, they will tell you: No, we are staying. We love this area.

At least, Kitumbene has a watering place near the village, where there is enough water for humans and animals. What their cattle eats- who knows. Often they cover large distances to find some dry grass.

However, the people there are still very active. They had already started a school when we arrived- underneath a tree. If they find someone who speaks Masai or Swahili and also can read and write a little, they will gather round him to learn. Having a roof for the school is their biggest dream.

In the surrounding area, there are a few public schools, but they are too far away as for the children to walk there and so we built two small schools in this place, each of them with about 30-40 kids.

A nice little chapel and a solid water pipe have also been constructed and are doing much for the vibrant community of Kitumbene.