Just a 15-20 minute ride away from Longido, there is a little village of the name Orboma. On the way to the village, one has to cross a seasonal river, where there will only be water during the rainy season. This river is a big challenge to the village, because during the rainy season, it cuts off the path to town, and nobody can buy any food or medicine. Each year, some villagers try to cross the raging river and each year some – mostly kids and old people- die in the attempt. Therefore, the community desperately wants to build a bridge. For this endeavor, we need donations and experts, who will help in design and implementation of that bridge.

Our work in Orbomba began under a tree. Starting late afternoon, we conducted programs for children and adults, which they greatly appreciated. The local community was really friendly and motivated for change, and after a while, they asked us to build a school there.

The villagers themselves contributed greatly so we are proud to run a school for 40-45 children in Orbomba now. There is accommodation for a teacher in the newly constructed school building, and the worship services take place there.