Food in the desert

The Maasai desert is dry for most of the year. This results in starvation and mass animal deaths. The Maasai are increasingly endangered. Our foundation has therefore decided to help them. For the children who attend our schools, we provide a hot meal every day. There are nearly 700 children in our 6 schools.

We would like to give you a brief insight into how this difficult job is done.

We use 100% of the donations we receive for this purpose.

Since we provide one or two meals a day, we want to ensure that the Maasai children who attend our schools receive a nutritious meal that is appropriate to their culture. So we serve beans, maize and carrots, along with vitamin-enriched water.

Our foundation works with volunteers. Zsuzsanna Kiss has agreed to supervise and coordinate the meals. Her job is to keep in daily contact with the teachers in the schools, who send her regular reports on attendance and the daily food ration consumption. Zsuzsi calculates how much food is needed for each school based on the data provided and the existing recipes, and then sends out the food from Germany.

When the money arrives in Tanzania, local contacts buy the items needed for food preparation. The money is suppose to cover costs for one month. Fresh vegetables are of course bought more often. If possible, in our smaller schools, one of the mothers cooks for the children.  For the larger schools we employ a cook. 

From mid-August to the beginning of September, Zsuzsi visits the schools, talks to teachers, discusses challenges and possible solutions. Zsuzsi also checks the quality and quantity of the food during this period. This quality assurance is necessary to ensure that the catering continues to work perfectly for the rest of the year, even from a distance of up to 6000 km. Above all, we are grateful to God, who daily sends donors, funds and volunteers to help Maasai children and families in need. We are also especially grateful for the generosity of donors as well as for Zsuzsi’s sacrificial volunteer work, month after month.

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