Kimokwa is a beautiful place. Overtopped by the mighty mount Longido, one can see the distant mountains of Kenya at the horizon. At night, the elephants are silently passing by the village and when the sun rises above the dryland, their tracks can be found in the dust.

Even though Kimokwa was one of the last villages we were starting to work in, we have plenty of friends here. Together we have experienced a lot.

When we first made contact, right after our arrival, we witnessed a catastrophe. The house of a family was burning- what a disaster. We did our best to help with the reconstruction and ever since, we are friends with the locals. Every time we arrive there, the whole community gathers to welcome us.

The people of Kimokwa are very active and industrious. We have extended the watering sites of this area together, in order for humans and animals to have enough water, which sadly still is not always the case. The inhabitants of Kimokwa are working hard to bring a brighter future to their area.

In 2018, they asked us to build a school and we were happy that we could make this wish come true. This village is the home of a vast number of children, which we impressively learned at the opening.
It was dark already and the school building did not have a roof yet, but was only made of four brick walls. Still we wanted to start classes. So we put up speakers and let some music escape into the night, to tell the children: “Come, we are here.”
Only moments later about 80 children came running out of the darkness towards us. There was space for everyone and so we started teaching English. We told them how to greet each other and how to introduce themselves. It was wonderful to finally being able to communicate with them. After this, we did Math and then wanted to take a break. “There is something to eat for everyone”, we told them, “get up and let us go to the car and eat.” Nobody moved. We asked them: “What are you waiting for? It is late and you must be very hungry. Let’s get to the car and eat!” “No”, they said, “please go on with class, we want to learn.”

Meanwhile the building is finished, only walls are waiting to be painted. Furthermore, they are in great need of a teacher, for about 80 children are waiting for the opening of their much beloved school.

Besides that, we are planning on constructing a water pipe or drilling a well. We also need electricity for the school and the government has already offered to bring it from the road to the building, but this is expensive and we need help on that.