By principle, we do only start our work, where we find contribution by the locals. In Oldorko, we had no problem with this principle at all.  The people there are very industrious and do their own share of work diligently. Also, the Masai are contributing every single time. This circumstance enabled us to start many projects right there in Oldorko.

Decades ago, there was a water problem. Together we climbed up a nearby mountain and constructed a water pipe to the village. For years, this went well, but then the pipe broke.

People in town would turn to us, asking to help them bring the water back to town. To reach this goal we worked hard together. We climbed up the mountain again, looked for the problem with the pipe, worked on the watering site and much more.

Meanwhile, we have become good friends. When we eat together, up to 300 people gather. On one hand, they are happy about the food, we bring them, but the joint meals also mean a lot to them. One day, we had already cooked together with them when we were called to an emergency a few miles away. We had to rush away and the villagers were left alone. They ate but then, they were waiting for our return for hours. Many times, they would call us to ask when we returned. In the end we actually had to come back to wave them goodbye.

A school of ours with 35 to 40 children is also located in that place. The water pipe is nearby the school building and this way, the pupils can enjoy a fresh sip of water anytime. The kids here are very diligent and have a huge hunger to learn all that is to learn out there.