Thanks to the volunteers

In recent months, eight volunteers have been active in the Karao school. Although their areas of work were very different, they have adapted well to the challenges faced by the school. Our first volunteer was Japhet Kardos from Hungary. He worked to improve the condition of the school buildings and supervised the work of different companies. In addition, he helped the sick and needy with his medical expertise.

Our second volunteer was Zsanett Andresin, also from Hungary. Her love for children was the driving force. She taught arts and crafts and English to the children, but also worked in school management, dealing with financial issues. She also played a big role in drilling wells.

Magdalena and Anna were the next volunteers, who, as doctors from Poland and Hungary, thoroughly assessed the physical condition of more than 200 schoolchildren. Those in need, whether children or adults, received medical care. With great enthusiasm, the two doctors gave educational lectures to the girls and women on the issues that concern them. At school, they discussed hygiene and health issues with the students.

A team of four all-male volunteers followed our previous volunteers at the end of January. They worked for two weeks in the blazing sun to continue the foundations of the guest house that was completed last summer. Pouring cement, bending iron, masonry work.  The work of their hands has made a significant contribution to the progress of the construction. We are grateful for all your work and for the hours you spent lovingly for others.

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