Waving farewell to a new graduating class

10 November 2022 – Karao.
11 students completed their primary education in the 2022 school year of Karao Adventist Pre and Primary School. Over 300 guests celebrated their great achievements at our graduation event.

The programme started with the special performances of the lower classes. After the songs of the school choir, the pupils of Class 1 bid farewell to the graduating class by enacting a cautionary tale about the importance of good hygiene and by citing encouraging Bible verses. The students of Class 7 responded to their classmates with songs. They also took the audience on an imaginary journey along the rich history of the school, which started under a tree over 10 years ago and now runs nine classes offering high-quality education to 216 students. As one of the most spectacular elements of the event, the youngsters organised a fashion show to present the school uniforms and different forms of traditional Maasai and African clothing. Afterwards, the event continued on a more serious note with speeches from the head teacher, Moses Brown, the district pastor of Seventh Day Adventist Church, Paulo Sembeo and the representative of Supai e.V., Zsanett Andresin. The speakers thanked the students and parents for believing in the value of education as a key to opening up new doors for the Maasai community. The celebration ended with a special dinner where young and old, teachers, parents and students could eat together and cherish the memories of the former school years that led up to this day.

As for the future of our graduating students, they are waiting for the results of their national exams, which will have a great influence on where and how they can continue their studies. The brightest ones are planning to enter secondary education, for which the support of existing or new sponsors is essential.