The Covid-19 pandemic reached impacted the entire world, including Africa. The Tanzanian government has ordered the closure of schools throughout the country. We also agreed that it is a safe course of action to fight the pandemic and keep our students safe; leaving about 500 students isolated from the community and our learning environment. Despite the crisis, our teachers decided to do their best not abandoning their students on their own; proving their sincere devotion. They organised a new system of homeschooling. Of course, not the way we are used to in Europe. Not only they lack computers and internet, lots of households, within Maasai bomas, do not even have electricity. Through hard work and dedication, our teachers had to innovate to find a way, regardless. The teachers decided to buy exercise books and pencils for the students and visited the local communities every other day to teach them while practising social distancing. If there is not a classroom and chalkboard, the tree’s and earth dust will suffice. The dusty ground became filled with letters and numbers surrounded by children wanting to learn. This day the school gates have opened, and education continues for these children.

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