Tinga Tinga

Over ten years ago, we met a boy from Tinga Tinga, called Israel. His commitment and determination caught our attention, and we wanted to support him to reach his goals in life. His calling was to gain a qualification a theology by the Seventh Day Adventist church and become a pastor. After finishing his studies, he wanted to fulfil an old dream of his, to build a school in his hometown. He was well aware of the value of learning in a school, especially without walking long miles every day.

We obviously supported his initiative, and with the required funding for this project, the school was built. Not only it serves as a school for 50 students providing general education, but the building is also used as a house of worship on Saturdays. A teacher there, called Melubo had the ingenious idea to create a vegetable garden in the schoolyard; from which the students are free to enjoy the fresh food during their break time. He inspired us to expand on his idea and to apply it in different schools.

As the following step, we wish to install solar panels onto the school buildings providing a reliable source of electricity. The lighting and electrical appliances will rely on this green energy. Our big dream is to stream online lessons to these students from Europe. This would significantly enrich the learning experience and would grant these children many new opportunities in education.

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