Thanks to the volunteers

In recent months, eight volunteers have been active in the Karao school. Although their areas of work were very different, they have adapted well to the challenges faced by the school. Our first volunteer was Japhet Kardos from Hungary. He worked to improve the condition of the school buildings and supervised the work of different companies. In addition, he helped the sick and needy with his medical expertise.

Our second volunteer was Zsanett Andresin, also from Hungary. Her love for children was the driving force. She taught arts and crafts and English to the children, but also worked in school management, dealing with financial issues. She also played a big role in drilling wells.

Magdalena and Anna were the next volunteers, who, as doctors from Poland and Hungary, thoroughly assessed the physical condition of more than 200 schoolchildren. Those in need, whether children or adults, received medical care. With great enthusiasm, the two doctors gave educational lectures to the girls and women on the issues that concern them. At school, they discussed hygiene and health issues with the students.

A team of four all-male volunteers followed our previous volunteers at the end of January. They worked for two weeks in the blazing sun to continue the foundations of the guest house that was completed last summer. Pouring cement, bending iron, masonry work.  The work of their hands has made a significant contribution to the progress of the construction. We are grateful for all your work and for the hours you spent lovingly for others.

Life-saving corn porridge – host a family

An urgent request has arrived from the land of Masai. Pastor Paulo Sembeo works in Longido district, Tanzania and asks for food to distribute in the villages because many people are starving. Because of the drought, food shortages have reached critical levels, and especially widows and orphans suffer a lot. The needs in the villages are far beyond the means of our foundation. After distributing 7 tons of corn flour, another 4 tons have been purchased today. If anyone wants to get involved and wants to invite someone for a meal, it is possible now. A small amount like €4-5 helps a family to buy a minimum daily food and it makes a huge difference for them. You can donate using the contact details provided. All donations will be forwarded to food distribution. A bag (100 kg) of corn flour can provide a family with minimum food until the next rainy season and costs €54 with delivery. 

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Sponsored children changing the future of Masai

04-09-2022 Karao.
September 2022 started with a special celebration at the Karao Adventist Primary School. Our foundation invited all children sponsored in their studies for a chat and a lunch. Dr Laszlo Szabo, the head of the foundation, asked the children about their learning progress and overall experience. The students shared which class they attend, what their favourite subjects are and what future goals and desires they have. At the end of the conversation, each teenager received a T-shirt with the logo of the foundation to strengthen their feelings of belonging and camaraderie. The day after marked the start of the second school term. All children embarked on their way to their boarding schools in Arusha or Namanga to continue their studies. Physics, Biology, Civic and Moral Studies were mentioned the most often as their favourite subjects.
While others are eager to learn Math and English. They see themselves as the future doctors, teachers and lawyers of Tanzania aiming to make the world a better place.

Their sponsors play an active role in paving the way to fulfilling their dreams.

European medical team treat schoolchildren in Karao

03-09-2021 Karao. In September 2021, a medical team arrived from Europe to spend most of their time assessing the health status of the children studying in Karao. Doctors and nurses visited every class to perform routine medical checkups like body weight and height measurements and dental checks. Most of the children were excited to wait for their turn. Although some of them had never seen a doctor before; thus, they were afraid not only of the examinations but also of the white foreigners. However, the kindness and patience of the doctors and nurses helped them to overcome the initial difficulties.
During the assessment, several children were diagnosed with sore throat or eye inflammation. Thanks to the fast reaction of the medical team and the use of appropriate vitamins and medicines, most of the diseases could be successfully treated. Unfortunately, some children had more serious issues. Severe heart problems were identified among 12 children.
Out of them, two were sent to Arusha and Dar es Salam for special examinations and one of them had to undergo surgery.    


Supai e.V.

IBAN: DE40350601901900128017