How can you help?

The easiest way to help is to support the project financially. The following are several possibilities for which you can donate, depending on your means:
      1. For the general expenses of the foundation.  This includes teachers’ salaries, maintenance of our schools, regular upgrades, contacts, communication and other activities.
      2. Currently, 300 children in our school at Karão are waiting for their two meals a day.  But you can also choose to donate towards feeding nearly 400 children in one of our other smaller schools.
      3. There are many very poor children who need sponsorship.
      4. The school building must be constantly improved and maintained.
      5. We would like to build a canteen to feed the children so that they don’t have to eat breakfast and lunch in the open air.       If you feel motivated to support the building of the canteen, donations would be very welcome.
      6. You can also donate for its equipment and for the necessary medical supplies.

 Volunteering is a bit more time-consuming but is yet another way in which you can support the project.

Generally, the following positions are needed:
– English Teachers 
– Construction workers
– Doctors, nurses
– Teachers, nurses, teachers, teachers, teachers – teaching in English

If you have time and can afford to spend a week or more in Tanzania, we welcome your application.

The third thing you can do to help is to collect and donate material donations.

What do we need?

– Eye glasses
– A well-functioning and card-independent phone that allows communication with people in hard-to-reach areas
– A laptop or notebook to help schools
– Donations of medical and hospital equipment for surgeries and hospitals
– Supplies for creative activities: scissors, paints, brushes, etc. Your imagination is the limit.